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Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver
Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver>>
Product Name: Auto Charge Voltage Stabilizer Fuel Saver
Part No.: F110
US 108
Net Weight: 0.60KG
For purchase of Qty 10 or more,special price would be 103 USD pet unit

AUTO-CHARGE Voltage Stabilizer has the following three systems
. Voltage Stabilizer System
. Interference Reducer System
. Battery Doctor System
. The signals of Battery Doctor System are as follows
. Fuel saving
. Better RPM response
. Increase engine torque
. Engine power up
. Optimized all electronic devices in car
. Faster throttle response, engine power up.
. Reduce car CPU noise signal, improve CPU reaction time, improve electronic efficiency.
. Smoother gear shift on automatic car.
. Improve engine power, better acceleration response, hence improve fuel saving.
. Maximize ignition efficiency, easier engine start.
. Prolong engine and electrical device life-span.
. Easy installation, totally DIY, the first choice for ladies drivers.
. Universal for all cars and motorcycles
. Reduce noise with built in noise filter, improve sound system performance.
. Equipped with double fuse protection, for better product life and safety.
. Faster RPM response, it gives you powerful acceleration even when your car's air condition turn on to

maximum load.
. Cleaner exhaust emission on HC and CO gas. So more environment friendly.
. Twelve (12) months Limited Product Warranty


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