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ADD350 Automotive Noise Finder
ADD350 Automotive Noise Finder>>
Product Name: ADD350 Automotive Noise Finder
Part No.: F078
US 70
Net Weight: 1.13KG
For purchase of Qty 20 or more,special price would be 67 USD pet unit

Automotive Noise Finder ADD350

Quickly and accurately pinpoints noise and location of engine bad bearings,bushingsdirty fuel injectors,wind and

air leaks,noisy valves and filters
Long and short shaft reaches tight areasUltra-sensitive mike and amplifier gives full range of sounds needed by

the professional


.LED light indicate the strength of signal of the active channel
.Illuminated button indicates active channel at a glance
.3 mics with alligator clips listen to 3 locations in one road test
.Hear noises that can not be duplicated in the stall
.Improves shop efficiency,revenues,saves time
.While testing select each of the 3 mic individually to pinpoint noise location


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