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ADD7703 Brake Liquid Quickly Tester
ADD7703 Brake Liquid Quickly Tester>>
Product Name: ADD7703 Brake Liquid Quickly Tester
Part No.: F059
US 60
Net Weight: 0.39KG
For purchase of Qty 20 or more,special price would be 55 USD pet unit

Panel Illustration:
2.Water content
3.Work button(PUSH ON button)
4.Fine tuning
5. temperature-resisting curve
6. DC input socket
7. Probe

How To Use
1. After cleaning the probe, put it in dry air or immerse it into new brake fluid.
2.Press down the work button for 3-5 seconds continously, and then turn the fine tuning clockwise until the

second green indicator lights on, and then turn the fine tuning counter-clockwisely until the green indicator put

out. Now it can be used to test brake fluid.
3.Immerse the probe into the brake fluid, and press down the work button for a few seconds, then you can judge

the brake fluid state by indicator light.

.        All the green light indicate the brake fluid is fine, the water content is below 0.5%
.         Yellow light indicates the fluid is not so good, the water content is above 0.5%, you can choose to change

brake fluid.
.         Red light with buzzer sound indicates the brake fluid is very bad, wate content above 2.5%, the brake

force decline seriously, and brake fluid should be changed!
4.Please clean the probe and reset the instrument after testing.

The four indicators twinkle simultaneously with buzzer sound, it means the battery power is low, and the battery

need to be changed.(voltage:9v). Or powered by the automotive battery(12v) through DC input socket(12v)


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