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3051B Auto Idle Speed Motor Driver
3051B Auto Idle Speed Motor Driver>>
Product Name: 3051B Auto Idle Speed Motor Driver
Part No.: F051
US 75
Net Weight: 0.50KG
For purchase of Qty 10 or more,special price would be 71 USD pet unit

This auto diagnostic tool has practical function with small and attractive appearance.  It can drive and test the

usual types such as four-lines, six-lines, three-lines, two-lines idle speed motor in car electrical system. Easily

help technician to judge the fault in a short time. At same time, it can t emporary replace ECU for the p recision c

ontrol of Engine Idle Speed, which has the idle setting and self-learning function. It is the "secret weapon" for

automotive technician.

Applicable to:
1. Drive Idle Speed Motor
2. Test Idling motor
3. Check Idling circuit
4. Emergency Rescue
5. 2-line valve duty cycle
6. 3-wire motor
7. 4-wire Stepping Motor
8. 6-wire Stepping Motor


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