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WELLON VP380 Programmer
WELLON VP380 Programmer>>
Product Name: WELLON VP380 Programmer
Part No.: F013
US 200
Net Weight: 0.80KG
For purchase of Qty 10 or more,special price would be 190 USD pet unit

The WELLON Programmers are affordable, reliable, and fast universal device programmers. They are designed to

operate with the Intel Pentium-based IBM-compatible desktop computers and laptops. No interface card is

necessary to plug the module into a PC (this feature is especially handy for laptop users).
The WELLON  Programmers  are  affordable,  reliable,  and  fast  universal  device  programmers.  They  are

designed  to  operate  with  the  Intel  Pentium-based  IBM-compatible  desktop  computers  and  laptops.  No

interface card is necessary to plug the module into a PC (this feature is especially handy for laptop users). The

menu-driven software interface makes them easy to operate.
Hardware Features
1. This programmer includes a 48-pin ZIF socket & supports 8-pin to 48-pin DIP package device.
2. With an adapter, it will support from6pin to208pin device packages like PLCC, SOIC, TSOP, PSOP, BGA, QFP

3. Parallel or USB port (Dependent on programmer).
4. System Update by software.
Software Features
1. Works on WINDOWS98 \ 2000 \ ME \ NT \ XP Operating System.
2. User-friendly interfaces with pull-down menus, pop-up dialogue box and help.
3. Device insertion test.
4. Modify algorithm parameters.
5. OTP- security for AT89C5X.
6. Support all operations, such as program, verify, blank check, read, secure, erase and so on.
7. Set addresses intelligently, such as device start address, device end address, from buffer address and so on.
8. Support of Intel (linear & segmented) HEX, Motorola S, and Tektronix (linear & segmented) formats and auto

find format.
9. Integrated editors for modifying JEDEC files, HEX files, and test vectors.
10. Auto select E(E)PROM manufacturer and device.
11. Select chip from manufacturer or individual device.
12. Set auto increment.
13. IC test capability for TTL and CMOS Logic ICs and auto find IC mode for unknown IC.
14. Open & edit and test pattern, user can also add their own test pattern.
15. Edit auto program.
16. Auto System Test.
17. Mass Production mode.
18. Signal generator.
19. Frequency Meter.
20. Logic Analyzer.
1. A programmer 
2. A USB connecting cable
3. An AC adapter
5. User manual
Insert the installation disc into a driver (CD-ROM). Installation program will run automatically.
Connect the programmer module to the computer USB port or parallel port with the provided cable. Then connect

the AC adapter to the programmer power jack for the parallel port programmer.


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