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TLT440W Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift
TLT440W Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift>>
Product Name: TLT440W Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift
Part No.: L007
US 2932
Net Weight: 1,000.00KG
For purchase of Qty 3 or more,special price would be 2785 USD pet unit

Wheel Alignment 4 Post Lift (Rated Capacity: 4 Ton) is used for lifting of various small and medium-sized vehicles with total weight below 4.0t in garage and workshop.
1.Designed based on the international standard, meeting the demand of the garage and workshop.
2.Driven by hydraulic cylinder in stable lifting and lowering.
3.Offering full-range mechanical safety protection by using the safety latches.
4.Connected by four steel cables; forced synchronized movement of the lift in order to effectively prevent the sloping of the vehicles.
5.Equipped with rolling jack, turntable and sideslip, suitable for wheel alignment.
6.Adjustable distance between runways to accommodate different wheel track.
·Load capacity(kg) 4000
·Lifting height(mm) 1850
·Raising time(s) t<60
·Lowering time(s) 20≤t<40
·Power(kw) 2.2
·Passing width(mm) 3045
·Equipment width(mm) 3445
·Equipment height(mm) 2172
·Runway length(mm) 4240
·Runway width(mm) 500
·Max wheel base(mm) 1950
·Min wheel base(mm) 950
·Lowest height(mm) 220
·Rolling jack
·Capacity(kg): 2000
·Lifting height(mm) 250
·Raising time(s) t<30
·Lowering time(s) 10≤t<20

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